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  • Unlimited team size

$ 250 / Head

$ 25 / Head

  • Documentation Autogen
  • Documentation coverage per repo

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Frequently Asked Questions

What languages do you support?

We currently support Python, Javascript and Ruby.

We plan to gradually expand to other languages, but we think these three require the most help.

Are the docs all autogenerated?

They can be if you want but we support and encourage you to make changes, add business context and even write from scratch. Our tool is meant to be assistive and not a full replacement for an engineer. We'll host all docs just the same.

What integrations do you suport?

Currently we support integrating with VSCode and VIM, but we plan on opening our integration API soon to let other people build integrations for their favorite editors.

Additionally we integrate with Github to facilitate some of our functionality.

Our code base is small, why would we use Docstring?

When a code base is small and you can talk to the person next to you to ask questions and understand something it may seem like docs are unnecessary. The reality is that a person may leave the project unexpectedly and then your're left with a knowledge void. We believe building good documentation habits early in the project life cycle ensures that as the project grows you don't run into those issues.